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Page 27 of Chapter 8: Rued Awakenings:

I'm quite happy with how the colour turned out for this page, it actually came close to what I pictured.

I don't know why I enjoy drawing batshit!insane Bitarn so much. It's just fun!

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News . . .

(06/08/2005) As you will have noticed ages ago, we've changed to the new TLS URL and the new page.

In addition to this, here's something I've been working on for quite some time: Joey Manley's given me a WCN account, on which I have mirrored the whole of TLS. The WCN site is Ad-free (currently it is anyway) and is excellent for re-reading through the archive because of the page-stacking system WCN has. It's quite something reading TLS Infinite-canvas style (i.e. Scrolling down forever)

Yes, I've noticed the CG server being a bit flakey lately. It's got nothing to do with the move, just so you know. It's just the old Butch server acting up again.

Lastly, I'm testing something out... What do you think of having the TLS : Boy Who Was King under the main comic instead of the vote incentive? The latest comic is still vote-only, but it makes it easier for the side-comic to be read!

(04/08/2005) Fanart! This one from the awesome Colby of LinT!

(29/07/2005) And soon we'll be making the move to! (Soon being as soon as the admins reenable Siteadmin so I can actually do that).

Other than a whole new site design, I've made improvements and tweaks to the Know and Go pages. Among those improvements is a full-sized map of Sojourn, added pictures and info, and some additions to the links page.

There's bound to be several bugs and stuff as we're doing this, so don't hesistate to report them!

(28/07/2005) New site design. We're still testing this out.

A review! Check it out! TLS gets Tangented!

Also wanted to thank Mindmistress and Cold Servings for having made TLS their featured links! Quite the compliment! :D

The OnlineComics system requires only voting once, but I haven't figured out any way of adding extras... so I'll just say that for every 10 favourites mark I get to, I'll put up an extra page of TLS (probably on a Sunday) or something. I figure if you guys go all the way out to support TLS, the least I can do is make it worth your while!

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