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Fan Art

Colby Purcell does one of my favourite comics over at LinT, so I was thrilled to get this pic of Daenon. Look at the shiny grey eyes. And that hair! Mmmm. :)
My secret santa for 2005 turned out to be the awesome artist, Steve of Fabricari. However, don't just take my word for it being awesome; check out this guest art he did of Thorne!
This drop-dead gorgeous watercolour rendition of our resident fallen-knight turned demon is by the incredible MosHunter. The hair in particular is fantastic, reminding me I've been extremely lazy with drawing Thorne's hair in lately. Ok Mos, you win. I won't skip details anymore! ;)
Simon over at NeTrek convinced me to sign up for the 2004 Webcomic Secret Santa, which I'm very glad I did. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I got this in the mail.

The original version she sent me had Daenon's tattoos in red, but on hearing that they were blue, she sent me another version. Ironically, after seeing how good they looked in red I decided to change to red... So yes I am confusing... Click the image to see it in full-size.

Mos has been the strongest supporter of The Longest Sojourn since... pretty much as long at it existed. Without Mos's insistence, I probably wouldn't have restarted TLS from the 2 year hiatus it had been in. The "Mage hunter for hire!" tagline is a reference to my other comic, The Jaded, whose tagline is: "Action. Adventure. Danger. For Hire!".

And I certainingly would have never gotten around to putting it on the web without Mos' nagging! Yay Mos!

Chuck Cottrell of Dim Bulb Comics did the following hilarious guest strip. It's nice to see Magara and Tytus having some airtime!
As if the above fanart wasn't awesome enough, Ladydarke bombards me with more awesome fanart. I'm just amazed by the detail in this one, from the dress to the pirunic gylphs on the altar... Click picture for bigger image.
Fanart: Dungeons of Despair.

Here's a set of three "Dungeons of Despair" pics. Did I mention Ladydarke was bombarding me with fanart? So to say I am wowed would be a severe understatement. Lucky lucky me!

First we have Olaf the Executioner; you can tell he is just itching to lop someone's head off!

Next we have Magara, looking very mysterious with her dark cloak and hood indeed.
Dungeons of Despair: Sojourn Keep(TM) Torture Chair + Daenon

Lastly, poor Daenon from when he was handed over to Tytus after being captured by Jaeger in Chapter Two. He looks rather down.


In: Anywhere But Here

Jaeger gets asked for a date... Fiddy is just hungry... Pretty much why Jaeger has such a miserable love life.

In: The Curious Adventures of Aldus Maycombe

Daenon goes on his merry way in a crowd comprising of many other Golden cameos.

In: Darken

Jaeger checking out the common room over at the Golden Bird Inn. Why yes, it's filled with other Golden regulars, of course!

Doodles and Extras

This Daenon sprite blinks, grins, looks shifty, winks and sometimes falls asleep if he's bored.
The breezy Jaeger sprite likes to wink and poke things with her sword.
This Thorne sprite doesn't really do anything.

Desktop Wallpapers

A Parody of "The Army of Darkness", with TLS characters in gender reversals and whatnot.
Same as above, but with text captions. Jaeger is irritated, Daenon gets called a pervert, and all Thorne wants is some attention.


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