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Jaeger Wraith

An ass-kicking mage hunter by trade, Jaeger is down-to-earth, deadly practical and very much in tune with surviving in the hard world of Sojourn. She brushes off abstract concepts like honour and fealty as silly concepts that people make up and believe in without understanding.

[ Full Profile ] (Warning: Spoilers!).

Physical Characteristics: Human female of slightly above average build and height. Age in her mid-twenties. Eyes are hazel and shoulder-length hair is mousy-brown. Skin originally fair. Speaks with a heavy drawl. Blue mage-hunter hybrid tattoo in the middle of forehead. Horrible singing voice.

Personality: Although her way of speaking often makes her come off as something of a ditz, Jaeger is very shrewd and uses the common misconception of her to manipulate other people and make her job easier. Growing up with a father who was a little too altruistic for his own good, her childhood, while not exactly full-on poverty, was not as well-off as one would expect of a havenhealer's daughter. As a result, Jaeger is to some degree selfish. She is also very impetuous and occasionally makes snap decisions without thinking about the consequences.

Skills: As a fighter-mage hybrid, she is capable of casting various protective spells from the Dru'ma flow. She also knows a handful of simple enchantment spells from the T'lek flow. An accomplished swordswoman, equally at ease with one-handed and two-handed swords. Has some skill with the blowpipe and several forms of hand-to-hand combat. Moderately skilled at tracking at stalking, but is an exceptional rider. Speaks two languages: Sol (Spoken by most human in Caldera, Necropolis and Sojourn) and Jhagon (Spoken in Telemetra, Necropolis, Tiruna and the rest of the North).

Family and Background: Jaeger Wraith is the daughter of Gannet Wraith (retired mage-hunter) and Comor Rhant (havenshealer). Trained as apprentice in Telemetra under Tern Camar, a mage-hunter friend of her mother's who specialised in swords. Has a twin brother, Jay Wraith, who is currently training as a T'lek Crafter in The Islands of Fire, Caldera.

Like most mage hunters, she also has a familiar partner. Unlike most mage-hunters, who usually prefer fast, small and mobile non-humanoids, her familiar is a huge rogue sentient warbeck.

She and her warbeck familiar, Fiddy are telephatically linked.

"Darn toothin' right it's a bad time! Jes run an' Ah'll give ya yer granma stories later!"

Thorne Du'han

Coming from a lineage of exalted knights and soldiers whose loyalty to the King is absolute, Thorne leads the isolated life of a palace guard. With the rank of Captain and the post of Queen's Bodyguard, he has lost everything with his failure to prevent Queen Magara's death.

[ Full Profile ] (Warning: Spoilers!).

Physical Characteristics: Human male, above average build and height in his early twenties. Blue eyes and long blond hair. Fair skin. Has the scar of three self-infliced slashes on his left cheek. Long nose and cleft chin.

(Post-Transformation) Skin is a pale olive-green. Gained fangs and talons, not to mention four red fleshy-type wings. His ears have become split and pointed, which his hair now comprises of a mess of coppery prehensile snake-like things.

Personality: Thorne is easily suspicious and does not connect to people easily. Has a tendency to brood and keep his personal feelings to himself. Although one of the finest fighters in Sojourn, he is constant self-doubt. Lives by a very fixed set of principles and belief. Intensely loyal and honourable, but the sudden change of events and his world turning-upside down has shattered him somewhat.

Skills: Thorne is a skilled fighter with a variety of weapons, including but not limited to swords, spears and axes. However, his true element lies in archery, and he is capable of a feat not many achieve: shooting perfectly from the back of a running chobeck. He has also been schooled in military strategy. Of languages, he speaks only Sol.

(Post-Transformation) The body of the Daemon is extremely complex, and Thorne has barely scratched the surface when it comes to discovering what the body is capable of. Other than the most obvious capability of flight, he has much sharper senses, great vitality and enchanced strength and speed. Recently he has also discovered that his talons are poisonous, and the Daemon's body has awesome regenerative capabilties. Unfortunately there are downsides as well, such as his tendency to go into an uncontrollable berserk-mode (bloodlust) on being injured.

Family and Background: Thorne was the only son of THE General Du'han and Captain Brambling (another highly-regarded officer in the Sojourn Royal Guard). As such he was under tremendous pressure even as a child to live up to his family reputation. In his teens he was assigned as companion to then crown-prince Keenan, one of the few people with whom he became firm friends.

Upon the deaths of both General Du'han and Captain Brambling in the events that lead to the Quintri war, the promising young knight was quickly promoted and in a few short years earned the position of Queen's bodyguard, an assignment that eventually led to tragedy.

Guilt and being a fallen knight does not sit well with him.

"Cornered! I'll have to fight that armour-plated chobeck!"

Daenon L'Estrange

A travelling priest from the neighbouring country of Necropolis, Daenon is well-read and travelled, but speaks little of his past experiences. Generally a quiet man but easily annoyed and scathingly sarcastic when annoyed.

[ Full Profile ] (Warning: Spoilers!).

Physical Characteristics: Human male of slightly below average build and height. Has long black hair, grey eyes and bronzed skin. High-ridge in nose and heavy eyebrows. Sports a goatee. Speaks with a strange inflection and rarely uses contractions. Although he looks to be in his late thirties/early forties, his actual age is much younger (early thirties). Has three red Turien tattoos, one large one on the chest and two smaller ones on the back of each hand. Has a long but faint scar on the right shoulderblade.

Personality: Daenon is quiet and prefers to keep to himself, although he is never unfriendly. A master at being politely (and sometimes not politely) sarcastic, something that often happens when he's annoyed. Daenon can sometimes be very blunt, an attribute that has often gotten him in trouble, although he does try to keep out of it.

Skills: A priest of the mysterious Death's Guard, Daenon is capable of casting the a wide range of spells. Although the Death's Guard Priests make a point of only using spirit magic, it is a known fact that for some unknown reason, the Turien tattoo glyph of the Death Priests is capable of channeling magic from the other flows. Although not exactly a warrior, as part of his priest training he learned to fight with a staff and knife, and also unarmed combat. Of these he is tolerable, although the only one of all three he excels at is the knife. A learned scholar and traveller, he speaks several languages, including: Sol, Jhagon, Saher (Spoken by the Mm-Sahr and Sernakan), and Quirron (Spoken by the Quintri). He is also more familiar with the histories of the various countries than most poeple are.

Family and Background: Although he was raised in the swamp city of Necropolis, Daenon is not of Necropolitan stock. Instead he is descendend of one of the many natives of The Islands of the Sahr who were kidnapped and sold as slaves in Tiruna before the Islanders declared isolation. He grew up under the tutelage and care of Ločne L'estrange, a death-priestess who took pity on him. His actual name and parentage is unknown, a fact he is not happy about. Daenon arrived in Sojourn after certain events caused him to leave Necropolis.

Was tutor to the King's nephew, Keenan.

"Do you mean to tell me you fought your own guards, jumped from a high tower into a lizard-infested moat, then ridden all this way... and you're not sure if you want to live?"

King Tytus

The King of Sojourn. Pompous, overbearing and controlling. Devoted to his wife.

A great warrior, but not much else in the brain department.

"If he's not dead, bring him in. If he's dead... bring him in anyway."

Queen Magara

The Queen of Sojourn who began her spiral into madness with the loss of her only child several years ago. Was later killed in a riding accident while picking flowers for her baby's grave.

Was under the guard of Captain Thorne Du'han.

"I'm a Ghost!"

Prince Keenan

The timid nephew to the King and heir to the throne of Sojourn. Keenan has no ambitions to be king. He prefers a scholarly life, which annoys his uncle.

Is the student of the death priest Daenon.

"Me? A pretty boy? Hmmph!"

Comor Rhant Wraith

A Havenshealer by trade, Comor is kind-hearted, sometimes to a fault. Although he initally seems something of a pushover, anyone who threatens the well-being of one of his patients quickly find out the mild-mannered man has a steely core.

Married to Gannet Wraith and is the father of Jaeger and Jay.

"Sure beats having a gaping hole in your abdomen, doesn't it?"

Gannet Wraith

A retired mage-hunter, Gannet has settled down and married the Havenhealer Comor Rhant (producing two kids in the process). While no longer actively taking bounties, Gannet still trains would-be mage-hunters, and still shares a telepathic bond with her Wattbok familiar, Meep.

It is rumoured that Gannet wears the pants in the Wraith household. Since Havenhealers traditionally wear robes, you may take that as a literal thing.

"Don't worry... it won't kill him."

Rooke Suvroc

One of the most dangerous mage-hunters in the South continent, Rooke has gained a quite reputation for himself. His familiar is the Avian Kyrr, who is one of the rare humanoid creatures capable of utilising the flows of magic.

Rooke does have a streak of unstableness in him, supposedly a side-effect of his early (and aborted) To'ran Firemage training.

"Journeys end with lovers meeting... Miss me?"

Throull Underbridge

The captain of the trading vessel Goddewit, Throull is a more civilised version of her terrifying ancestors, the Tirunan Corsairs. Although she and her crew are strictly law-abiding, don't let her get near a harpoon if you've made her mad!

Throull's ship, The Goddewit was named after one of my readers, whose handle was Godde.

"Who goes trip-trapping over my bridge?!"

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