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Page 27 of Chapter 8: Rued Awakenings:

I'm quite happy with how the colour turned out for this page, it actually came close to what I pictured.

I don't know why I enjoy drawing batshit!insane Bitarn so much. It's just fun!

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Last updated Monday , September 13 , 2010

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#45 and #46: Death stops for one General...
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News . . .

24/5/2010 Being sent to California, USA for 3 months for work reasons is taking a toll on my schedule. I'm still half-tempted to revert back to sepia to get my schedule back.

Well I have till December 13th to finish this comic... That's still about six months before time runs out on my self-challenge...

(14/12/2009) Time does Fly! I did plan to finish TLS by nowm but looks like I had to extend it by another chapter... :D Woot!

(15/12/2008) Oh Happy Day! TLS is Updating on Monday and Friday! My readership is a rather silent one, which is fine, but I flatter myself that this news might elicit a peep of happiness. Or at least some positive emotion thingy :)

(12/06/2008) I really should update the news section more often. Apparently TLS got classified as not having updated since April 2006 due to my not updating the news section (Uh.... ooops?)

I've been sporadic with updates the past year, though I have been doing better in the recent months, but I'd just like to thank you all for sticking with me.

I will see this comic through to the end. Then I will finish The Jaded next. I have the patience. One panel at a time, One page at a time. One comic at a time.

And after that... there will be other comics. I have so many idea, they all bounce around in my head, if only I could produce them at the speed I think them!

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